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Baltimore Guitar Lessons

Offering top Baltimore Guitar Lessons in Towson, The Maestro Musicians Academy offers the best Guitar Instruction. Our master guitar teachers will take you on your unique musical journey, whether you are looking to play rock, blues, jazz, classical, or folk.

We teach steel or nylon guitar lessons, including chords and finger-style. Don't know what we're talking about? No worries! We'll get you up to speed in no time!

Our Baltimore Guitar Instructors are engaging and professional individuals who have experience with many learning styles. What this means is that our school takes the time to find out about your ambitions, updates you with progress reports, and checks in regularly to make sure that you are always on-track.

So what happens at the first lesson? Our Guitar Instructors advise you about posture, making a nice sound, and how to play simple chords to get you started!

One of the great advantages about playing the guitar is that it is so portable. Whether you or your child wants to serenade friends, perform in a concert hall, jam, or play for pure enjoyment, this is the instrument for you!

If learning the guitar isn't enough for some of you, ask us about our songwriting lessons as well!


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Baltimore Guitar Lessons

Here are Ten Benefits to Signing up for our Baltimore Guitar Lessons!

Towson Guitar Lessons

1. Both Children and Adults can Learn Music that they WANT to play!

Remember listening to your favorite guitar hero as a kid? Or perhaps you have a child who just came back from camp/school and was inspired to accompany his or her friends! No matter what your goals, we can help you get there. Our master Baltimore Guitar Instructors are even able to help prepare teens and pre-teens for the concert stage. If you have been trying to figure out when is the right time to start, don't delay - start today!

2. Our Baltimore Guitar Lessons are generally within a 15 minute drive from most of Roland Park, Cockeysville, Pikesville, Yorktown, and Dundalk

Located in the Towson St. Thomas Episcopal Church on 1108 Providence Road, we are easy to get to from many parts of greater Baltimore. Thanks to our proximity to the Baltimore Beltway, students have easy access to us from many towns, including Towson, Hampton, Lutherville-Timonium, Parkville, Carney, Brookville, Overlea, and more! Our St. Thomas Church location has plenty of parking, dedicated wi-fi for parents, and a beautiful stage for our recitals with excellent acoustics.

3. Maestro Musician Academy Lexington Guitar Teachers are Top Pros

The guitar teachers at the Maestro Musicians Academy of Baltimore are working musicians with top qualifications. They are performers, educators, and communicators. When you take Baltimore Guitar Lessons at the Maestro Musicians Academy, learn from the best in Towson. Why would you settle for anything less?

4. The guitar is a great instrument for children and adults to start with.

Do to the fact that strumming the guitar makes a beautiful sound from the get-go, you don't have to worry about complicated postural changes to get good results from the beginning. Although we admit that proper posture is fundamentally important, you will be comforted to know that children will often find guitar to be an easier instrument compared to others, after their first guitar lesson. We also teach ukelele for smaller hands!

5. The Maestro Musicians Academy gives its students opportunities to perform! 

Maestro Musicians teachers believe that the best things in the world are worth sharing! As a result, we gently encourage all children to work toward our spring or winter recital. While we will never require anyone to play who is not willing or ready, we do believe that there are enormous benefits that are garnered from sharing one's talent on stage. Children get to show off their hard work which builds confidence, self-esteem, and teaches them that there is value in seeing a multi-faceted project from start to finish. 

6. Guitar lessons are a great tool for developing the WHOLE CHILD

Do you remember back in the day when your high school was encouraging you and your friends to be "well-rounded" so that you could get into a good college? There is much wisdom in developing all parts of a child's and an adult's personality. Music lessons are like the glue that brings together disparate academic and cognitive skills. Did you know that when you play music, you are using parts of your entire brain? The benefits of music lessons go beyond the mere "party trick". Our Baltimore Guitar Lessons teach the skills of mind-body coordination, executive functioning, planning, piecing together a whole from many parts, and expressivity through sound. 


It is true! When you practice the guitar, you or your child will form new connections between your fingers, nervous system, and brain. These skills are all about focus, breath-control, and body-control! Why is this important? Quite simply, our Baltimore Guitar Lessons teach students how to be calm, cool, and collected, no matter how complex or emotional the music may be. This is a life-skill that can translate into giving presentations, job-interviews, and public speaking!

8. Maestro Musicians Academy Baltimore Guitar Lessons are hassle-free

The friendly office staff at the Maestro Musicians Academy's Baltimore Music School will take care of you to ensure easy registration and teacher-student communication. How do we do it? When you call us, we find out your goals and what you are most passionate about. We will then find out what days and times you are free and get you set up with one of our master Baltimore Guitar Teachers. Not sure if guitar is right for you or your child? No problem! We are a month-to-month school so what do you REALLY have to lose?


Do you or does your child like to perform? The guitar, do to its lightweight and portability is the perfect instrument for people who love to be the life of the party. Not an extrovert? That's ok, too! Plenty of introverts like to commune with nature and make music on their own as a way to destress and unwind. 

10. Parents LOVE our Baltimore Guitar Lessons.

Want proof? See what parents have to say about our Baltimore Music School by visiting our testimonials page!

Want to find out more? It's really easy!

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