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Baltimore Piano Lessons

Baltimore Piano Lessons at the Maestro Musicians Academy's Baltimore Music School are a popular choice! Our expert Baltimore Piano Teachers are local-area performers and educators with top credentials. Our Baltimore Piano Instructors balance the discipline of learning the piano with a patient and inspiring approach. Students of all ages love the warm and engaging personalities of our Baltimore Piano Teachers. 

Children and adults, aged 4-104 will feel comfortable knowing that our Baltimore Piano Lessons are uniquely suited to your goals. Whether you or your child wants to learn Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, or a Scarlatti Sonata, we are your solution for top Baltimore Piano Instruction!

What is our methodology? Little-by-little, our Baltimore Piano Instructors will take you or your child through a fantastic journey that is structured with the big picture of learning musical pieces in mind. 

Because Maestro Musicians Baltimore Piano Lessons are amongst the most popular offerings in our school, we have a wide variety of time slots and teachers available for this instrument. 

What? You say you don't have a piano at home? That's ok! Our Baltimore Piano Teachers can help you find the perfect and affordable instrument or keyboard that will fit your space and budget. 


Baltimore Piano Lessons

Here are 10 Benefits to Taking Baltimore Piano Lessons at the Maestro Musicians Academy:

Baltimore Piano Lessons
1. We Specialize in Developing the Expressive Potential of Every Student

At the Maestro Musicians Academy's Baltimore Music School, we believe that every child and every adult has a unique voice inside of them, just waiting to be unleashed! Music is a wonderful language because it allows us to communicate in a uniquely human way that does not need words. We can share special emotions, thoughts, and ideas in a way that is more powerful than the spoken word. Emotional intelligence is an important skill for children and adults and we believe that our lessons play an important role in opening our students up to this important line of communication. 

2. Our Students Get to Perform in Concerts Twice Per Year

Parents sometimes wonder if it is worthwhile signing up their kids for our Baltimore Piano Lessons. They need some kind of benchmark that can show them if their children are making progress. Our twice-yearly concerts allow parents and children to do just that!

In addition to the fact that parents can see huge progress from one season to another, our concerts allow kids to develop even more important skills. For instance, children learn to analyze their own work, progress toward a goal, and learn how to meaningfully communicate with an audience.

3. Baltimore Piano Lessons Taught by Consummate Professionals

The Baltimore Piano Teachers at the Maestro Musicians Academy's Baltimore Music School are experts with years of training and performing experience under their fingers. Our Baltimore Piano Instructors know how to relate to children and adults of all ages and can teach beginners through advanced musicians. Whether you as a  student wish to enrich your life through music or prepare for conservatory auditions, we have a piano teacher for you!

4. Piano Lessons Develop the Mind-Body Connection

We live in an age where yoga, tai-chi, and meditation are becoming very popular in Western culture. Like music, these disciplines have mind-body awareness and focus in common. Practitioners of these arts intuitively and experientially know that a mind and body that are in sync are fundamental to creating order from chaos. We all need some order in our lives and music is the perfect refuge from a crazy world. 

5. Baltimore Piano Lessons  Near You!

Located at the St. Thomas Episcopal Church, our Baltimore Piano Lessons are conveniently located within a 15-20 minute drive from much of Roland Park, Cockeysville, Pikesville, Yorktown, and Dundalk. We are just off the Baltimore Beltway and are also easy to reach from Towson, Hampton, Lutherville-Timonium, Parkville, Carney, Brookville, Overlea, and more. 

We know what rush-hour is like in the Baltimore/DC area and want to make it as easy as possible for you to get to us! Coming from farther out? Ask us about lessons on the weekend or during non-rush hour times!

6. The Piano is the PERFECT Instrument for Kids to Start With

Did you know that piano is one of the best instruments for young children? It's true! A young child can already get an instant and pleasant result from exploring the sounds that the keys make without having to worry about contorting himself or herself into seemingly unnatural postures. Because of this, we find that piano is a great instrument for your 4, 5, or 6 year old to start. Your ears will thank us for it!

7. You Don't Need a Full Size Piano!

One of the greatest misconceptions about piano lessons is that you need to have a bulky piano at home. Nothing could be further from the truth! Beginners only need to have a keyboard. We recommend that your keyboard have at least 76 keys and include a keyboard stand and music stand. In addition, the keyboard must be touch-sensitive. This means that when you press the key lightly, the sound is soft and when you press with more pressure, the sound is loud. Casio and Yamaha make some good models but we recommend that you speak with your new teacher first before purchasing a new or used model. Often, you can find keyboard for as little is $350. 

8. Play Your Favorite Music!

Our Baltimore Piano Lessons are not just about classical music. Although most of our Baltimore Piano Instructors are classically trained, if you wish to play another genre, they have the skills to teach you all the fundamentals you will need to play your favorite music! Whether it's jazz, pop, folk, or a Chopin Nocturne, we can help!

9. Month-to-Month Sign up

This is a major differentiator between the local competition and our Baltimore Music School. We will not force you to sign up for an entire semester! Parents love our registration process because it relies on hassle-free electronic monthly payments. You can try us out for a month but we think you'll want to stay much longer! 

10. A Proven Track Record of Quality and Reliability Since Our Inception

Parent tested, Child approved

Parents and adult students just love us. Why? Quite simply, we hold your hand with a personal touch. As a school, we are regularly in contact with parents and students throughout the year to ensure a great experience. No other Baltimore Music School is as committed to your success as we are.  Just read the testimonials that parents and students have left us to find out why!

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