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Baltimore Singing Lessons

Do you love to sing in the shower? Is your child always singing around the house? There is a voice inside just waiting to be free! Read on About our Baltimore Singing Lessons...

The Maestro Musicians Academy is thrilled to offer Baltimore Singing Lessons to all ages and stages. Whether you are a teenager who is obsessed with Glee, an aspiring opera singer, or an adult who is looking to sing some oldies, we can help you attain your musical goals!

Our Baltimore Voice Teachers are top professionals with years of performance experience and teaching experience in their respective fields.

Voice lessons are a great instrument for beginning musicians because your instrument is right inside of you! Furthermore, you don't need to worry about learning a special technique to make a pure sound. All the tools necessary to do so are just waiting to be unleashed!

Our Lexington voice lessons take students of all ages through a musical journey that is carefully planned by our patient, caring, and nurturing teachers. Come sing with us after a long day of work or give your child or grandchild the gift of self-expression through music. It is an inherent gift that deserves to be developed from within and will last a lifetime.


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Baltimore Singing Lessons

Here are Ten Benefits to Taking Our Baltimore Singing Lessons!

Baltimore Voice Lessons

1. Our Baltimore Singing Lessons Develop and Nourish Your Inner Voice

Singing is all about expressing what you are feeling on the inside.We all have a desire to be heard and a desire to communicate authentically. At the Maestro Musicians Academy, we believe in giving you or your child the tools for developing the truest form of expression and communication. How do we do it? Our expert Baltimore Vocal Coaches guide students through a musical journey that gives you or your child an awareness and mastery of pitch, rhythm, good musical taste, and diction.

2. Our Baltimore Singing Teachers are Centrally Located!

Maestro Musicians Academy offers singing lessons near you! You can find us at the St. Thomas Episcopal Church of Towson, right near Notre Dame Preparatory School, Goucher College, Cromwell Valley, and Concordia Preparatory School! Our facility has plenty of parking, nice pianos, free wi-fi, and a beautiful stage with great acoustics! 

3. Our Baltimore Singing Lessons Benefit Both Adults and Children!

Sometimes, parents or adult students will ask if our Baltimore Singing Lessons are appropriate for their age or the age of their child. Our experienced vocal instructors know how to tailor their instruction to every student's unique situation. For instance, a young child whose voice is not yet fully developed will benefit from learning about music, expression, pitch, and rhythm. A teen, whose voice is developing or has developed, will benefit from vocal conditioning and exercises. An adult learner, in addition to benefiting from the above, will also benefit from learning how to expand his or her range in ways never thought possible!

Academically, our Baltimore Voice Lessons are a huge benefit to children. How so? Singing lessons teach children how to focus on the now. This is important because our lessons slow down the mind and allow kids to methodically develop their own voice. This aids in presentation skills, self-confidence, and analytical thinking.

We often get requests from parents whose kids are interested in musical theater. We also get requests from parents whose children want to sing in choirs. Whatever your goals or their goals, we allow students to achieve their musical dreams!

4. Our Baltimore Singing Lessons are Fun!

The Baltimore Singing Teachers at The Maestro Musicians Academy are engaging, fun, and inspiring. We believe that children and adults do best in an environment that is nurturing and supportive. We hold students to high standards because we believe in them and we will hold your hand all the way. 

Our Baltimore Voice Lessons take place once per week at our Towson location. We recommend that children below the age of 9 take 30 minute lessons and that older children take 60 minute lessons.

Our singing lessons are comprehensive and cover warm-ups, exercises to expand vocal range, exploration of different songs and genres, and diction-work. We also train our students to be cool, calm, and collected when they perform, no matter how intense the music! This is a great skill that translates into so many non-musical areas of life. 

5. Our Baltimore Voice Lessons Will Change Your Life for the Better!

Our Baltimore Voice Lessons give you the skills to be calm, cool, and collected in the face of deadlines, pressure, and life-events. The act of slowing down the mind and focusing on the now in order to create a controlled expression is highly translatable into all areas of life. Even if the music is extremely dramatic, you can learn to harness this energy and remain cool on the inside!

6. You Get to Take Lessons With the Best Vocal Instructors in Town!

Maestro Musicians Academy's vocal instructors possess qualifications from some of the finest music programs around the country. When we hire Baltimore Voice Teachers, we look for engaging personalities, positive experiences working with children, and superior training. 

7. Not Your Grandfather's Voice Lessons

The St. Thomas Episcopal Church provides all students and voice teachers with guest wi-fi. This is a wonderful tool for us, as it allows singing teachers to have technologically advanced tools at their fingertips. For instance, our Baltimore Voice Teachers can incorporate historical performances, online exercises, and musical reference guides into their voice lessons. 

8. Twice-Yearly Recitals For Children

Based on demand, the Maestro Musicians Academy's Baltimore Music School holds two concerts at the St. Thomas Episcopal Church. Our fun and supportive recitals are a great chance for children to perform for a friendly audience of parents, siblings, and friends. We believe that every child has something unique to share and we encourage any student to participate if they are prepared. 

9. A Proven Track Record of Excellence in Music Education Since 2016.

We started our Baltimore Music Program at the Kreiger Schechter Day School in Pikesville in 2016. In 2017, we teamed up with the St. Thomas Episcopal Church on 1108 Providence Road to serve Towson and its surrounding areas. Parents love our music lessons. See what parents and students have to say here!

10. Friendly Office Staff to Serve YOU

Maestro Musicians Academy's Baltimore Music School takes pride in the fact that our office staff is dedicated to making sure that every student and parent has an optimal experience. We work hard to ensure that you are satisfied with our programs and are regularly in touch throughout the year. Progress reports are given to students twice per year and serve as benchmarks so that you have a way of gauging how things are going. 

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