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Baltimore Trumpet Lessons

Has your child always wanted to play the trumpet? Or is he or she looking to get into an orchestra or marching band? Whether you are the parent of an eager trumpeter or an adult who is looking to improve your chops, we have the Baltimore Trumpet Teacher for you!

Experienced in classical, jazz, pop, blues, and world music technique, our expert Baltimore Trumpet Instructors will help you learn the music that you want to play!

Our Baltimore Trumpet Lessons are conducted by inspiring and personable instructors who serve as great musical role models for both children and adults. 

Did you know that the trumpeters are part of a tradition that spans over 3500 years? The trumpet is one of the oldest instruments still used today? The trumpet dates all the way back to 1500 B.C.E. and was used in battle or hunting.

Out of the eight types of trumpets that exist today, the most common trumpet used in American symphony orchestras is the C trumpet.

Baltimore Trumpet Lessons

Here are Ten Benefits to Signing up for our Baltimore Trumpet Lessons!

1. Baltimore Trumpet Lessons Near You

Serving Towson and its surrounding Baltimore communities, we offer our trumpet lessons at the St. Thomas Episcopal Church on 1108 Providence Road. Not in Towson? No problem! We also offer lessons at home! Students can also easily access our location within 15-20 minutes in much of Roland Park, Cockeysville, Pikesville, Yorktown, and Dundalk, Hampton, Lutherville-Timonium, Parkville, Carney, Brookville, Overlea, and more. 

2. We Offer a Wide Variety of Music to Play

Our Baltimore Trumpet Teachers are classically trained musicians who will help you learn all the fundamentals needed to play the music you want to play! If you like Latino, jazz, blues, classical, pop, country, or practically any other genre, our Baltimore Trumpet Instructors will help you to learn your favorite tunes!

3. Wi-fi Accessible Building

The St. Thomas Episcopal Church has a wi-fi network that is extremely useful for our purposes. Teachers can now incorporate a multitude of internet-based resources and performance videos into the lesson in ways previously never possible. Whether they use wi-fi to send home practice-videos from the lesson or to show students great performers on Youtube, the music lessons of the 21st Century are not your grandfather's trumpet lessons!

Did we also mention that parents can tap into the wi-fi if they need to check into work related e mails or catch up on the news during the lesson?

4. The Trumpet is Portable

Because of its portability, the trumpet is a very versatile instrument. Unlike a heavy cello or piano, you can play it anywhere! Unlike the piano, you also can keep your own instrument with you and don't have to worry about adjusting to someone else's. Just imagine yourself relaxing by the beach or on a mountaintop making music and communing with nature!

5. Our Trumpet Teachers are Great With Children

The Maestro Musicians Academy's Baltimore Music School is child-focused. Our school's philosophy is centered around the fact that children do best when given the right tools to develop their unique talents and gifts. Our trumpet teachers work with a multitude of learning styles, ages, and abilities, and we believe that anyone who truly wishes to play can reach his or her potential. We will give you the tools to help you on your unique musical journey!

6. Convenient Scheduling

Our music school has a wide variety of times available for scheduling our Baltimore Trumpet Lessons. Whether  you are a busy parent, college student, retiree, home-school parent, or stay-at-home-mom, we can fit you into a convenient time-slot, as we are open from 8AM-8PM! 

7. Hassle-Free Month to Month Payment

How do we do it? Unlike other local Baltimore music schools, we will not bill you upfront for an entire semester. Instead, we do all our payments electronically on the first of the month. Want to start in the middle of the month? No problem! We will prorate you for the first few weeks.

8. We Are Open Year Round!

Have you ever heard of a music school that is open 48 weeks out of the year? Very few can sustain this kind of schedule - but we do! Because of our nearly year-long availability, we can teach your kids on those school days when they would otherwise be stuck at home driving you crazy!

9. Yearly Photo Day

To our knowledge, we are the only Baltimore Music School that offers a yearly school picture day! How do we do it? The Maestro Musicians Academy teams up with an expert local photographer to take pictures at our recital. Parents who wish can also sign up for a private session immediately after the concert. This is a great way to give your loved ones a special keepsake and you will be so proud to display a photo of your child with his/her instrument!

10. Organized and On-The-Ball Office Staff

Our Baltimore Music School has an office staff that is devoted to making sure that our students have the best experience with our dedicated Baltimore Trumpet Teachers. We make signing up for lessons super easy and keep in touch throughout the year to ensure an optimal experience for parents, students, and teachers. 

Want to find out more? It's really easy!

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