Connor Milstead

Connor Milstead, M.M.

Guitarist Connor Milstead, M.M.

Guitarist Connor Milstead, M.M., has been described by many to be a talented guitarist and seeks to share his instrument’s music wherever and whenever possible. He believes that through reaching out in this way the he can introduce classical music to diverse audiences from all backgrounds by bringing people together and appreciating those things that make them who they are.

He is an active performer and has recently performed with the Baltimore Classical Guitar Society in their 2018 concert series with a guitar trio composed by area composer Samuel Winnie. Other recent concerts are his appearances with the Treasure Coast Guitar Society in Palm City, Florida, at the Norton Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with the Florida State University Chinese Music Ensemble on zhongruan, and competitions such as the Columbus State University Symposium competition. Connor has also led workshops on writing for classical guitar and is a passionate supporter of new music.

Connor has studied with Manuel Barreuco, Bruce Holzman, Rex Willis, earning his Master’s from Peabody Conservatory, Bachelor’s from Florida State University, and Associate in Arts degrees from State College of Florida respectively, and initiated his studies with now Delaware-based guitarist Douglas Seth. Along with this, he has also had masterclasses with Judicaël Perroy, Pavel Steidl, Adam Holzman, and Dr. Nicholas Goluses. He has also had stylistic coaching with Richard Stone (baroque lute), Haiqiong Deng (chinese music, guzheng, zhongruan), Mark Cudek (renaissance lute), and Oscar Herrero (flamenco guitar). Finally, in addition to a degree in performance, he also holds a Bachelor’s degree in music theory from Florida State University.

He has been teaching guitar for close to ten years and teaches in the Baltimore area with Maestro Musicians; also at the Krieger-Schechter School in Pikesville, Maryland through their Enrichment program.