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What are the Benefits to Studying Music?

Music is a wonderful discipline because it is so versatile. Among the numerous benefits to taking music lessons are an ability to develop focus and clarity of intent and the ability to see a project from start to finish. Music lessons also are a wonderful creative outlet that gives both children and adults the ability to express themselves in a positive and healthy way. 

Why Study at MMA Rather Than The Competition?

Maestro Musicians Academy's Baltimore Music School excels at developing the "whole musician". What we mean by this is that our teachers learn about you or your child as a person and tailor our musical goals to each student's need. We believe that the interplay between parent, teacher, student, and school is paramount to success and our mission is to facilitate and nurture this relationship, often over the course of years. 

I'm Interested!! Now What?

It's so easy to sign up! All we need to know is what instrument(s) you want to learn, when you are free, and what you wish to get out of our lessons.
Call us at 443-449-9102 and we will meet you in person after we send you our enrollment packet. Can't talk right now? No problem! Fill out our contact-us form and let us know when is a good time!

How Often Are Lessons Held?

Lessons at Maestro Musicians Academy's Baltimore Music School are given on a weekly basis. Everyone is given the opportunity to take 48 lessons out of the year, no matter what day of the week you sign up for!

What is Your School's Teaching Philosophy?

Maestro Musicians Academy's Baltimore Music School believes that students of all ages learn best in a positive environment. We believe that it is possible to maintain high standards without pressuring children. Our teachers are skilled at balancing the need to follow a child's lead with knowing when to challenge them using more complex pieces of music.

I Can't Carry a Tune! Can I still Play or Sing?

We believe that EVERYONE has a voice inside them just waiting to be expressed! Whatever your background, abilities, learning styles, or challenges, we will find a way to release your unique voice.

What Genres do You Teach?

Whether it's Beatles, Classical, Blues, Pop, Rock, Jazz, or Folk, we make it our mission to find the right teacher for you. Most of our teachers have rigorous classical training which means that they are skilled in teaching the fundamentals needed to play ANY kind of music.

Do You Teach Adults?

The Maestro Musicians Academy's Baltimore Music School teaches all ages and stages. In fact, many retirees and college students love the fact that we have flexibility in our schedule and can hold lessons during morning or early afternoon hours. Request more info here!

Are Your Teachers Background Checked?

Maestro Musicians takes child safety very seriously. We check all of our employees with the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services FBI database. Furthermore, the St. Thomas Episcopal Church has their own security system that monitors who comes into the building. 

What if I Don't Have an Instrument?

No problem! Our expert teachers will advise you where is the best place to purchase or rent one. Sometimes we get inquiries about whether one's piano keyboard is sufficient for our lessons. In general, for beginning students, a keyboard should have at least 76 keys and must be touch sensitive. This means that when you press the key, you should be able to make a difference between loud and soft sounds based on how much pressure you use.

Want to Learn More?  

We are always happy to answer your questions. Request More Info below!

Maestro Musicians Baltimore Music School
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